Bang would look to work in partnership with the client in order to arrive at an optimal solution, initially exploring creative approaches with the benefit of having digested the existing material to be appropriated. In view of this, what follows does not purport to be the solution on how to present the video, but an indication of some potential conceptual/visual directions we could take, designed to stimulate further discussion should Bang be awarded the project.

Creative approach – branded

Creating a strong overall look and feel for the presentation that allows us to bring
together a range of different material. To demonstrate this approach we have
created a video using clouds to reveal images, text and video content.

This can be a very effective approach to presenting a range
of material in harmonious, cohesive and unified presentation.
Additional messages and text can easily be added.

We have employed this ‘branded’ technique successfully
numerous times for example on CHC Company Day News.
It offers quite a lot of flexibility in both the stylistic approach
and the content to be communicated and delivered.

Creative approach – conceptual

It might be appropriate and possible to apply one or more concepts, metaphors
or interactions to the bring the content alive. Each piece of content could be
animated in a way that reflects the content.

This example was used to tell the story of the
Oralyte sales and marketing strategy.

The examples below shows another conceptual approach
where a line is used to provide flow and movement through
the material and narrative.

Creative approach – timeline

The material and content suggests that a timeline based approach could be
applicable. This could be designed to work continuously on the day or controlled
by the user for internal or web use.

The examples above and below show some of the
many ways a timeline could be created.

Other Sanofi examples

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