If you’re seeking to save costs on your web site, to consolidate multiple web sites onto one platform, or to make it simple for your editors to keep your website up to date then Bang have a range of services that can help.

Or, if you need to keep track of your communications with your stakeholders, and make it easy for everyone in your organisation to act, consult and communicate in a co-ordinated and coherent way then we also have a great solution for you.

G-Cloud is the most exciting and innovative development in government IT services in the last decade. The opportunity to transform the way services are bought and delivered. Bang is proud to have been included in the the first G-Cloud catalog and to have maintained and enhanced our presence since then.

Bang offers a range of services on G-Cloud broadly falling into two categories:

  1. CMS based web site development, migration, hosting, management and support. The two main platforms we support are WordPress and Drupal.
  2. The UK public sector’s favourite stakeholder management solution, which we call G-Comm.