In 2014 HMIC’s mission changed – from inspecting police forces and producing thematic reports HMIC were asked to conduct standardised reports on specific aspects of policing and to publish these reports allowing the public to assess how well their police force was performing of their own accord and in comparison with other forces. For the first time the language and purpose was to allow the police to be held to account by those in the local area.

The web was a crucial delivery vehicle in this, but there was significant organisational pressure on delivery. It was the first time for HMIC and, within very little time, a whole host of reports and information needed to be produced, validated and published. Accuracy was essential as this was big news and any mistakes would reflect badly on HMIC’s reputation.

What we did
  • User research
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Visual design
  • CMS Build
  • Testing

The solution

The launch was a great success – minimising resource costs to HMIC whilst providing a brilliant UX to consumers and giving context to the report in a series of friendly graphics.

The outcome

Bang developed creative solutions to all the issues with the HMIC team to automate and hone the process, feeding WordPress and developing unique workflows for information assurance and secure prior release to police forces(for checking) and the media (for coverage).

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