European Medicines Agency


Regulatory and legislative developments combined with the evolving sociopolitical landscape and the rapid progress of technology presented the European Medicines Agency with significant challenges. The Agency needed to provide clarity on its vision and mission: its role in public health had never been under greater scrutiny; new levels of accountability demanded evidence of the value and transparency of the Agency’s work; and, external pressures continually challenged its scientific credibility and reputation. With these significant challenges in mind, Bang set about updating the corporate identity of the Agency. Having lived without a formal corporate identity system since its inception 13 years ago, the Agency was keen to ensure that the right solution was developed into extensive guidelines covering the full spectrum of communication channels.

What we did
  • Branding
  • Creative design
  • Visual framework
  • Brand guidelines

The solution

Initially, Bang embarked on a consultation process that involved both internal and external audiences to define the essence of the organisation, its values and to discover any perception gaps that resultant brand strategy would aim to address. The results of the consultation formed the backbone of the creative brief which was subsequently developed across a range of spectra to provide many visual interpretations of the Agency.

Having whittled down and refined the visual explorations in close collaboration with the Agency’s project team, Bang embarked on an extensive programme of testing amongst staff, stakeholders and the general public.

The outcome

The results from the research phase were presented to the management board whose ultimate decision was to either take EMA forward with a new identity or continue with their existing identity, refreshing just the literature. They concluded that the EMA would embrace the new identity.

Bang subsequently developed a new visual framework to reflect their values and give answers to the challenges put to the agency, expressed in detailed brand guidelines. Most recently Bang created a variant of the logo to suit its position at the top of their multi-storey skyscraper in London.

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